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Lakeside Cleaning Concepts

Going The Extra Mile

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Going The Extra Mile
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Does Your Cleaning Service Provide The Following?
  • A Written Service Program, with helpful information including service contract, written operational practice and procedures, access to website and email?
  • A service checklist left at your facility, that is detailed, and initialed by the service provider explaining your service?
  • A professional employee that is courteous, professional, and adheres to L.C.C. Practices and Procedures?
  • Detailed services including replacing heating/air filters, cleaning and inspecting exit and emergency lighting, and checking fire extinguishers for proper charge?  
  • A quarterly newsletter, with helpful information on service products, professional tips, local trends and OSHA compliance updates?
  • Customized services tailored to your specific needs?


We are very excited to also offer to you, at no additional fee, an MSDS safety sheet for each and every chemical and product used in the cleaning and care of your facility.  We will also assist you if you have a product or item without an MSDS form.


Lakeside Cleaning Concepts