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Lakeside Cleaning Concepts

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Mission Statement:
Lakeside Cleaning Concepts is focused on the QUALITY of your professional cleaning, not the quantity of cleanings we perform.  Our goal is to provide you, our customer, with the optimum cleaning and services that you deserve and expect. 


Despite the rapidly growing demand for commercial cleaning services, many local commercial cleaning companies provide service that, at best, is inconsistent and unreliable. The result is customer dissatisfaction and a higher rate of customer turnover.

Lakeside Cleaning Concepts provides highly motivated service providers which produce long term customer satisfaction and lower turnover. Our "team" concept and dedication of ownership and management enable superior service for you. Please take a moment to review the following pages and information.  We are confident after doing so, that you will afford us the opportunity to provide you with our superior service. WE ARE SO CONFIDENT, THAT IF YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED AFTER 1 MONTH OF SERVICE, WE WILL GLADY REFUND YOUR MONEY...